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Dedicated Service and Response 24/7

Central Defense Security's approach to service is comprised of two essential ingredients: 24/7 accessibility of our live dispatch team and complete understanding of each customer's individual needs. This 24/7 support is backed by routine field visits from almost anyone in our organization, from a supervisor to the CEO. When CDS says Customer Service, we means it. We know that our business is taking care of your business and we consider that our highest priority. CDS stands behind that with the only service guarantee in the industry!


Training and Development of Security Officers

Central Defense Security has developed an armed and unarmed security officers' training program that exceeds the required state standards. Even a licensed security officer must participate in and complete specialized security officer training that includes mastering CDS standing orders, understanding post-specific requirements, and demonstrating competent report writing skills. Operational security officer training focuses on site specific procedures, technological and device training, scheduling and post procedures.  For armed security officers, CDS requires an advanced eight hour armed security officers' training course with weapon re-qualifications every six months; four times the state requirement.


Security Officer Support

Central Defense Security considers our security officers our most important asset, and we demonstrate our support for each and everyone of our armed and unarmed security officers in many ways. Our private security firm has a team solely dedicated to the development and support of our security officers. There are numerous financial incentives, recognition programs, and truly unlimited opportunities for individual, professional, and personal growth. Each employee has medical benefits, educational opportunities, and in some cases, participation in joint CDS Customer programs.


State of the Art Technology

Central Defense Security regularly invests in and upgrades the latest electronic communication and monitoring devices to maximize efficiency in our internal operations and in the field. To ensure constant communication with field officers, CDS provides each security officer and all supervisors with a cell phone. All CDS vehicles are equipped with a GPS, and in many locations, the Deggy control guard system is installed to track and enhance movement on a customer's property.  At our corporate headquarters, we rely on industry-specific software to manage operational data associated with scheduling, billing, and payroll. Through the use of WinTeam, a workplace management program, and an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) designed to record shift records, CDS efficiently serves clients and employees.