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Central Defense Security officers protect the human, intellectual, and physical assets of our customers and their visitors. Our employees use sophisticated security systems/mobile security systems and bear complex responsibilities. They control access to critical facilities and adapt to each client's individual nature. All must be able to think on their feet, responding to emergencies with good judgment and calm. True security is characterized by incident reduction and appropriate response to unavoidable events. Our officers extend reliable, effective, and courteous protection across a variety of specialties, including:


Mobile Security Patrol by Vehicle

Our hitech mobile security patrol vehicles help to provide extensive property checks and to better check the welfare of staff on your premises. They may also serve as a "safe ride" for staff and employees to their vehicles on larger properties or during nighttime shifts. Each mobile security patrol vehicle is clearly marked for your protection and to serve as a deterrent to potential intruders.

 Business Security

Any business, large or small, deserves protection. You worked hard to establish your business and Central Defense Security works just as hard to safeguard your assets. We provide the necessary capabilities for you to protect your inventory, machinery, and other property that is used to run your day-to-day operations.

  Retail Security

Protect your retail inventory from shrinking. Our officers provide the retail security services you need to protect your store, warehouse, or other facility from potential shoplifters and retail fraud. Whether patrolling the premises in a security vehicle or on foot, Central Defense Security provides the protection you need to ensure loss prevention for your business.

Armed Officers

We provide armed officers for organizations or businesses whose assets require more extensive protection, such as a bank or other financial institution. All of our officers go through extensive training above and beyond the minimum state requirements and are licensed through the Tennessee Department of Commerce.

Unarmed Officers

For situations that may not require an armed officer, Central Defense Security also provides unarmed officers for the safety and well-being of your staff and the general public. Like our armed officers, they provide investigative and patrolling skills for your property and are knowledgeable in fire safety and evacuation procedures.

Warehouse Security

Warehouses can be quite large and harder to monitor with just cameras, alarms, and other security equipment. They often require more extensive security measures to protect the premises from within and on the outside. Central Defense Security will incorporate portions or all of its services to provide a broader form of protection for your warehouse and its contents.

Our Services Adjust to Your Specific Needs

Central Defense Security takes care to assess each client's security requirements, which varies for each industry, ensuring that our officers are matched appropriately to specific roles and responsibilities. Our executive management and owners make frequent, unannounced inspections of operations, in addition to the regular supervisor inspections of each shift.

Excellence in security services means preventing incidents--or responding appropriately to unavoidable events.