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Central Defense Security – The History 

Central Defense Security evolved from the combined strength of two existing security companies, merging them into a highly seasoned and innovative new private security company. The exceptional personnel and the new, active ownership have created a security company that brings the best in business and security together. The CDS management team brings over 100 years of combined experience and is constantly seeking new and better ways to serve our customers. We understand that Service, Reliability, and Responsiveness are the "watch" words that Central Defense Security will live by.

  • CDS officers are state-licensed through the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance
  • CDS security officers are trained above and beyond the State minimum requirements
  • CDS security officers receive continuous training as well as supervised on-site training
  • A CDS-trained officer will be on the spot with a direct line to the entire team of CDS security experts

We currently provide armed and unarmed services throughout the Region. Our employees and owners have families here and we take our commitment to duty seriously.  The primary objective at Central Defense Security Company is to provide to our clients excellence in service, reliability, and response.


Uniquely Positioned Private Security Company

Central Defense Security hold a unique position in the private security industry as a mid-size private security company with broad vision. Financially strong enough to invest and grow, CDS fills the niche between the small local security companies and the large national private security companies. At CDS, a customer can always count on the Memphis-based management to personally know and understand their needs, while at the same time, keeping abreast of the latest techniques to integrate into the operations of its business...for the benefit of its customers and personnel.


Active Owners

Central Defense Security takes pride in the fact that the owners are actively involved in the "hands-on", day to day operations of the business. CDS owners believe in what they are doing and are passionate about serving their customers and personnel. Whether it is Craig Weiss or Larry Carroll, each owner willingly goes the "extra Mile" for customers and employees alike. 


Office Locations

MEMPHIS - 6084 Apple Tree Drive, Suite 1, Memphis, TN 38115

NASHVILLE - 50 Vantage Way, Suite 251, Nashville, TN 37228 

LITTLE ROCK - 201 W. Broadway, Suite C, North Little Rock, AR 72114